Thursday, October 1, 2009

coffee coffee coffee

we are thrilled to be working with intellegentsia coffee roasters from chicago. they really make amazingly smooth coffee, and cannot wait to bring it to the citizens of the twin cities!

the cat is out of the bag!

here it is folks! finally: the brain trust that has brought you miel y leche catering for the past 3 years has teamed up with the stupendous emily moore harris to bring you: CAKE EATER BAKERY!

this is just the beginning. we have signed the lease and and going to be bringing in the contractors. get ready for amazing coffee, delicious baked goods, and an atmosphere that can't be beat!

the website will (hopefully) be up and running soon. the AMAZING diana regalado has designed our logo, and we LOVE her.

keep checking here for more info! also: follow us on twitter at @cakeeaterbakery

let the madness BEGIN!